Who should I date? please help me pick

there's two guys who like me

J and R

I've known J for two months I like him too but he doesn't want a relationship yet

I've known are for just a few weeks we are still talking and he thinks I'm very attractive as in in a way like he wants to sleep with me..he told me...but I don't know what to do..

please help me pick

your votes will not influence me 100 percent perhaps 20 percent

thank you all

i don't want to sleep with anyone here

i just want to stick to the one guy that I will trust enough to date


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  • j seems k but let him slowly make up his mind commit b4 you go furthur..stay away frm R he seems creepy and more like a player


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  • Funny how girls only go for guys who just want sex, and they complain that's all men want.. Do what you want but the advice is very simple don;t sleep with players because your vagina will become like the mouth of a tired dog after few runs.


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