We're both new to this relationship thing, should we be as worried as we are?

My girlfriend has been back home since may 1st and is gone until mid-July. Neither of us have ever been in a relationship and have only been dating since January. We were good friends for a couple of years before we started dating, but it's been very different since we became official in March and started sleeping together.

Since she's been gone we've been in touch at least once a day, calling for longer conversations (20 mins-2 hours) about once every 3-4. Thing is we've both gotten a bit worried lately. Talk has gotten more sparse because we're both afraid that if we say too much meaningless stuff we'll come off as 'clingy' and the other will lose interest. She voiced her concern first and I admitted I felt the same way. In one way this makes me feel great because she's afraid of losing me... on the other I have no idea how to make it seem OK to talk to me whenever, I told her I loved hearing from her already.

What would you do?


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  • Keep talking to her, you are not doing anything wrong ..both are actually doing the correct things by being open and speaking about the issues at hand.


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