What to do when facing a situation like this? I am extermely confused.

we are best friends for three years. we were in a relationship for two months then I broke it up Because I was scared and wasn't sure of my feeling Because he was the one that confessed to me. I told him that the break up is for now, and he said I will wait. But now I asked to come back together Because I was ready and I loved him but he said that he can't Because he is my brother friend. he said that we should wait till we see each other in summer (we live in different countries) talk about it properly ( since we went on a relationship when we were apart and broke up when we were apart too). It was basically chat and texting. He said that he still loves me but lets just be friends for now. But the thing that hurts me a lot is that he treats me really nice. Like he asks me to choose his profile picture and when I tell him to ask his friends too he would say "Your opinion is enough for me". He would say he misses me. He would pretend he likes the things I like. Whenever I recommend a movie he would watch it, even books (he doesn't really read books). During his exams time he would talk to me. He would get jealous over me. when I tried to get us back he said the same thing (wait till we see each other) but he said he loved me so much and he is so happy that I said that. But he doesn't want us together. I am really happy that he treats me really nicely but it hurts a lot being like that. I mean it would be better if he treated me like a friend than partially friends partially his crush. One time exploded and asked exactly what you want and he said "Being friends like you want us to be and maybe just a little more". I don't want to lose him, but I can't take this confusion anymore

Now after he took his summer vacation, he is busy all the time. When we talk he is so damn sweet to me that I forget to be angry at him, but after he leaves (after 20 or 30 minutes) I start getting angry. I just want to know what is he thinking.
I couldn't meet him in the summer because I broke my leg. Every now and then I would block him from Facebook to stop myself from wanting to talk to him but I unblock him every time. The thing is he knows I block, he would say "why did you block me this time?", but will keep on talking to me so nicely. Also, before the vacation I demanded from him to know if he likes me or not but he said "I like you but their is that girl I used to like before you that I still like". The thing is I dn't believe him


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  • What you can only do now is to keep calling him or text him on phone or online to keep your feeling within him pending the time you will see him face to face

    • Yeah, I am planning to settle everything when we see each other. But what do you think he means by all that. I just feel that I am being mistreated by being treated nice for 30 minutes a day. It feels like being bribed

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