Guys! how would you react if the girl you are talking to does not reply to you for a few days?? please help.

so I have been talking to this guy for like 4 months

at first he chased me and always called me

of course it died down once I liked him back

we like each other but he does not seem to put in the effort he used to and I miss it

he is 21 I am 20.

okay so he started to reply to my texts late and I would get clingy and text and text again till he would..i know BAD, one day he did not text back for two days but eventually gave in..

i decided that I was going to study for 2 days for finals and that maybe I should do the same to see if he misses me.

when I did eventually text him, he did not respond for a while. he seemed a bit cold. I called him he said he was too busy to respond. I feel like it made him a bit more angry that I did that...

my guy friend says I get too paranoid and I think every guy who just does not give me attention as much makes me think they are over me. he said that you never know if he is busy..or doing something or simply can't answer back yet.

i know I should be less paranoid..but I just wish he would want me the same way. I hate that many people don't try as hard after they have each other..

any tips on how to get him to talk to me? or any comments on any of this?


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  • Text him or do something he probably thinks your not Intrested in him.


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  • I think you should move on from him and find someone who will give you the attention you want/need.If you don't want to move on then you should ask him what's up and why is he acting that way and see if it was something you said or did that you didn't notice.

  • same happened to me lately