Why is he so angry with me?

I been dating a guy for the last month after nearly 2 months of talking online. We have had a fabulous time together, but I know he is still seeing other women and I am still seeing other men. He seemed less and less like he was interested until I mentioned going out of town next week. We never really talked about dating others, but he asked me last evening what I was doing out of town next week when he wanted to see me. I didn't want to tell him I was going to be with someone else, but he pushed until I told him and then he got off the phone very quickly with me. He then sent me a text telling me he could care less what I do, but that he wasn't gonna change his plans to meet mine. I like him a lot, but I never asked him who he was spending his time with when he wasn't with me. If he wanted to be exclusive I think he would have asked for that, but I think the guy wants his cake and eat it too. Is he just jealous because he doesn't like to share, but really doesn't want to be exclusive? He never talks about feelings or emotions with me. He won't respond to me, so I stopped messaging him. He was fine before he knew I had a date next week with giving me time on his terms.


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  • Okay unless this guy said that he wants to be exclusive and you agreed to it, then you haven't done anything wrong.

    I think he's just jealous and likes to believe that there are women chasing after him or grovelling. I know guys like that who love to have girls chase after them. This means if it doesn't work out with one, he's got a next girl lined up.

    If he's going to date and see other people without disclosing his business to you, then you shouldn't have to either.

    You've got it on the dot. If he wanted to be exclusive, he would have told you. He doesn't like sharing, as you said. But he wants options.

    Good on you for not messaging him anymore, he's just being a brat by giving you the silent treatment haha.

    Best of luck :)

    • Thank you! This is exactly what I thought. I don't intend to be some guys beck and call girl! I got a lot to offer and if he doesn't want it someone will. Which is exactly why I continue to date. I won't allow a guy to treat me like that.

    • I wish I had the same mentality as you when this sort of thing happened to me.

      Wasted a whole year on some tool of a man.

      But you're welcome :)

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