How do I know, that she knows I asked her on a date?

Well I'm a high schooler and I been with flirting my female friend, not to many days ago I asked her what she is doing this summer she told me what she was doing for week and I told her when she gets back I'm going be taking her horse back riding and making her dinner as well. she's been very red/blushing allot after I told her that when I told her I was going take her horse back riding she had little trouble get words out. Any opinion will be grateful because this is my first time dating so please help thank you


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  • I think it's pretty clear it's a date I mean if she don't get it I don't know what to tell you.

    • ty for the help this my first time asking a girl on date

    • No prob. But that's a pretty cool date the whole horse back riding very creative.

    • ty ^_^

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