Guy getting a divorce?

Ok. So I am seeing a guy who was separated from his wife. They've been separated for about 6 months and I've been seeing him for about a month. Long story short, his wife found out, filed for divorce and he has to move out of his house this week. She also put spyware on his phone so we can't talk except when we're at work. I talked to him briefly yesterday and he told me he really wants to see me but has too much going on. I told him I understood and I didn't hear from him today. Should I continue to see him and give him space or should I just move on? I really do have feelings for him.


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  • Congratulations, you've made my naive Midwestern mind skeptical.

    She's got to be a fairly decent amateur spy to be able to listen in on his conversations. Right now he can be tracked as far as his physical locations, she can recover deleted texts and numbers called, but there's no secret about you two at this point, so why does it matter when you two talk? Especially since he's moving out, and will need to make plans with you.

    What is the situation with that separation? Are they sleeping in separate beds under the same roof or something?

    If you have second thoughts, I'd bail. For one thing, if she's going to go for a big settlement, it's only going to get bigger if she can score pics of you two in his new apartment, or in yours. Also, I'm always prone to assume the guy's sketchy, and recommend checking out his story.

    Evaluate your feelings, consider the time frame, look at the career implications, and then decide.


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  • Let him get divorced first. He needs to go through the legal process to officially be a divorced man then you two can figure out whether or not you two want to be in a serious relationship or not but for now let him do what he has to do to be legally divorced.