Going out for drinks with him-is it a date?

I turned 21 at the very end of March. I sent out a mass text to quite a few of my friends saying that I had just turned 21 and that I would love to go get a drink with them. One of these friends happened to be a guy that I had one of my college classes with, and during that semester we spent a lot of time together and he would flirt with me all of the time. Plus, I liked him...a lot. So, I sent this message at the end of March, and while at work the other day (June 1st) he finally replied and said "I would love to go get drinks with you but I don't think my girlfriend would approve! Something tells me we'd do more than just drink!" I didn't know how to reply to that, so I replied back that it took him a while to get back lol, then he replied "I didn't know what to say-its tempting!". Anyways, we agreed that when he gets back into town we are going to get a drink and catch up. My questions are 1.) What he meant by "Something tells me we'd do more than just drink" 2.) Why he waited 2 months to reply back. Any suggestions?!?


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  • You have to know what he meant by do more than drink...it's obvious. He waited 2months because he just got horny. And if you want just a sex thing I would say go for it.

    • He mentioned a gf...could he have been feeling me out? I mean he even said he didn't know what to say, and that its tempting...? Idk, we haven't gone out yet so anything is possible ;)

    • He wants to have sex

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