Is going a whole month without seeing each other too long, or should someone have made the effort to hang out?

I have been taking it slow with someone for a while. We met late December, and have been hanging out ever since. We really like each other, and decided to keep the physical part out of the relationship so we could develop a true friendship. Our first date we sat and talked for like 4 hours...we just click. We never* have enough time with each other it seems like! We always have so much fun. However, this summer I'm in summer school and she's back home 2 hours away from here. I go to school M-Thursday and I finally scheduled a date to hangout because it just seemed like we'd never get to see each other with all she's going and going. She talks about how much she can't wait to see me and misses me, but her actions don't show that. I'd drive down to see her, but she's always busy. Should I be a little more considerate and patient or do I have the right to be a little disappointed and upset? I just feel like if she can go do all the stuff she's doing, she could come see me one night if she wanted- Same goes for me, but she's always claiming she's doing something. Cruise, weddings, weddings, camps, shopping, etc. Just a wondering...


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  • I personally think that if someone really wants to see you they will make time in there schedule and figuer out a way to see someone. And in a month not seeing someone that's just almost avoiding the person. You are trying your best to see her but she's not making the time for you. Wouldn't know why but that's something you will have to decide if it's important in a possible relationship. But it's all on you if your okay with emailing, calling, texting and Skypeing then don't worry so much about it but if you see it as an issue then try talking to her.

    Best of luck.

  • How much notice are you giving her to hang out? Ask her at the beginning of the week when she's available and you'll come meet her, and see what she says. If she can't take a few hours out of her week schedule when you would be driving a few hours to see her, then she's avoiding you and potentially over it. It's been five months of you guys just hanging out? There's been no physical relationship in the five months? Sounds like you're her guy friend, not a potential lover.


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