How long after a date do you text a girl?

It wasn't a date as such, we hadn't seen each other in 3 years and there is a little something-somethin' going on but I just went over his place and watched a movie. He said he'd 'be in touch'.


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  • Did you do anything with him beside watching movie? I wouldn't call that a date but more like hang out to me. I don't like that when a guy said that because it means he is not going to call or text you at all. I'm pretty sure you will be the one to text him first.

    • Yeah well that's what it was, hanging out. No we didn't kiss or anything cos his mum was there and the environment didn't feel right cos I hadn't really been open to advances for any of the time while we were hanging out...

    • If you're not dating why not just text him and ask how he is doing? As a friend is not a requirement for him to text you at all.

  • How many days has it been that you have seen him from this movie date?

    • Ok, I know I'm overanalyzing, don't judge me!.. It's been two days.