Do you have a dating horror story?

Being single is all fun and games until you find yourself out on a terrifying or mortifying date. Please share your most dating horror story.


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  • I do. I was doing online dating for a while and going on many dates with guys I just didn't click with. This one guy I knew was strange but decided ide give him a chance anyway. Before I actually met him in person he asked me if ide ever cut my hair short and I said never really short but I do cut it. Now my hair is my best asset, its long and blond and straight, better then most girls hair. Its also silky and soft. Even though it was strange he said this I still figured ide give him a try. We had an OK time at dinner but after we started making out in his car and he all of a sudden stopped kissing me and asked if I would cut my hair for him and he kept bringing it up over and over. Then he took a pair of sissers out of his back seat and acted like he was going to start cutting it. I got upset and pissed and ended the date right there. Well after he kept contacting me to go out again and I never replayed.

    • What the hell? I've been on plenty of online first dates with girls I didn't click with, but a guy cutting your hair is beyond creepy!

    • I know he was so odd and then he asked me if he ruined his chances with me lol

  • unfortunately, no :(

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