When a guy stops texting as much...?

i have talked to this guy for four months. he was always kind of bad at texting..sometimes I would wait 6 hours..but anyways, he still asked to hang out all that stuff. lately though, it has stopped. we would talk all night and now he stops responding and writes later..

for ex. yesterday I texted him back at 11 in the morning he then texted at 7 at night..we talked a little then it stopped

i know after the guy HAS the girl, he tends to want space and he pulls back (not all guys).

i know I should not be clingy which I have been lately and just wait for him to text me. I know I should not yell at him and get upset. that will show how attached I am.

idk if I should act normal and see what he wants or just ask him to be straight up with me..

most of me says he is just wanting space..a little bit of me is saying he does not want this..i am very paranoid though.

i thought he wanted to end it a few weeks ago when he had not responded for two days. I waited it out and he replied and was texting me all happy..and I felt stupid for thinking it.


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  • This is tricky without knowing more detail about the guy:

    1) Some guys are genuinely busy and don't have time to be texting all day. If you texted him at 11 and he didn't get to you until 7PM, it could just be he was busy at work.

    2) Some guys just "too cool for school" and don't care about keeping up with communication.

    3) Some guys deliberately delay getting back to you to give the *appearance* of being busy / not caring because it makes them seem more interesting and mysterious. Sadly, this works on most girls and the reason is simple: scarcity = value.

    • thank you. I'm not sure which three it is either..i just think he knows he has me so he is not really trying any more..because I will always be there. I am so clingy and I just told myself to back off this time to see if he will wonder about me

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  • Talk to him about it. He may be nervous, busy with work, family, who knows. Don't buy into all this crap about how you -should- be in a relationship. You deserve emotional satisfaction just as much as anyone else. It's never a bad thing to show your affection for someone. Yelling probably won't be a good idea but do let him know that this is bothering you.


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  • Apart from this relationship you have with this guy I think it would be for the best if you keep yourself busy such as school, work, family, or friends. Don't just be sitting around all day counting down the minutes for him to reply back to a text message. You need to understand that he has his own life & it wouldn't be fair to yourself if you don't live yours.

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