How to recover from a girl dropping the "a while" bomb

So this girl and I got into a good fight over how I freak out a lot and need to chill out. I will just include the last parts of the conversation to avoid bias.

"I now see what you were were getting at, I treat our fights and everything like it is the end...I know we will be fine...Crack my hardhead again :)" - Me

"Good...I need to start carrying a baseball bat around" - Her

"Um...Why?" - Me

"Cause I have to do this all the time" - Her

"Do what" - Me

"Crack your thick head" - Her

"Well want me to let ya go?" - Me

"Yeah" -Her

"Ok...Can we talk soon again? Or do you want me to leave you be for a while?" - Me

"Leave me alone for a while" - Her

That happened two days ago, I left her alone yesterday. Today I asked her if she still had her wisdoms in(she was supposed to get them removed yesterday) and got no reply. I asked her how long a while was and got no reply.


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  • Let her contact you beacsue if you text her or talk to her she's going to get even madder and push you away by avoiding you like she already did.


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  • I would of changed how you said a few things there but you're the one who asked for the space. I think you probably made her made with how you asked for it. A while can be for a week or two so if she doesn't respond just let her be until she does. If she doesn't in that time then approach her in a diplimatic and caring way. Easy enough, just needs some patience.