What's up with guys wanting first date sex these days?

My friends and I have experienced guys bringing up sex, but saying do you wanna chill, drink, and dance at a crib. How the heck will we find out if they're really interested in more than just sex...The date goes normal at first.


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  • If they bring up sex on the first date, they are not in it for the long haul. Any guy who was decent and wondering that you might be girlfriend material would never bring up sex on a first date for fear of scaring you off.

    Now, if a guy asks you out, he is physically attracted to you. So, sure, he is thinking about you sexually. But if he takes you seriously as girlfriend material, he won't think of sex or making out on a first date BECAUSE MOST GUYS DON'T THINK GF-MATERIAL GIRLS HAVE SEX THAT QUICKLY. They do not want to imagine that you sleep around or have jumped into bed with other guys on a first date. Let that sink in girls.

    There is such a glamorization of casual sex right now. They even made a movie out of FWB. Didn't watch it but they probably sent a mixed message that showed that FWB can result in love. In real life, they rarely do. Casual sex is as old as dirt. The down side to casual sex for women is as old as dirt. If you want a relationship, ditch the guys who talk about sex or look for it on the first date.


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  • If a guy is bringing up sex on the first date, then he's not anticipating another date with you(more than likely). I don't think girls should put time lines on sleeping with a guy, but if you want something long term, hold out long enough to make sure a guy's words reflects his actions when it pertains to being with you(don't give up the goods until you're convinced he's all about you, and you only).

    • This is the exact answer I was going to put.

      Don't be easy for the men is all I have to say.

  • well you never really know what their intention is with you. If he continues to ask you out and you've been on like 4 dates with him and he hasn't given up yet then you know he likes you for you and isn't just looking to bang you.

  • A lot of other girls are giving it out on the first date or two or no date at all. Can't blame those guys for trying.


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  • Sometimes guys just want a one night stand. Some guys are really nice and maybe even want a relationship but aren't to subtle. I once dated a really nice guy but he didn't get laid in a long time so he kinda pushed for sex. In that sot of situation, just give him some ass :). I gave that nice guy what he wanted and he still called me back. It depends on the situation if they only want sex or do want more but just can't wait with the sex.

  • Females choosing to be sexually liberated to the extent where most of them offer free sex that guys don't have to work for and initiate a FWB type situation have caused many guys to think that most girls are easy so they take advantage of that.

    How to find out if they want more than just sex? Deny them and see if they still stick around.

  • if they expect sex so quickly I doubt they are interested in a commitment. in a world with such freely available casual sex, many men will be less inclined to want a relationship so fast...