Why isn't he responding?

So that guy I met on the internet over 6 months ago, has really really liked me but then after 5months he kinda seemed uninterested, (but we were still talking) so I said to him that I`m gonna stop all this as I`m tired of feeling like I`m bothering him all the time. and he hasn`t replied to me yet. Is it possible that he will miss me,( even if he did lose interest in me) when were talking every single day, and had plans for the future, his friends really liked me and so on? I kinda regret I said that now, but I feel like I`ve done the right thing thing. Also few hours later when we were both online, he posted sad status and went offline. On the day that I told him that he seemed happier than usual


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  • Randomly telling a person you're not going to talk to them to try and get more attention out of them is emotional blackmail, It's not cool, and chances are if he was going to respond you might have inadvertently made him feel like you don't care anymore.

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe he has something going on in his life that might prevent him from responding as much? or maybe just ASK him why he's not responding?

    • I have asked him before if he's okay, then I asked him second time if he actually still wants to talk to me and he said he does, but it was mostly me making all the effort, and I felt like I'm bothering him all the time and I send him that message while I was quite angry..

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    • Won't it make me look really desperate or intrusive ?

    • Think of it this way if you already thought you were, this wouldn't make it any worse. And no one feels bad about getting an apology.

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