Why won't he kiss me?

So, I have hung out with this guy I have a crush on a few times. Both times he has been very cuddly with me, but the second time things went a bit further...however we still have not kissed. He won't kiss me but is willing to do other things and I have no idea why!


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  • Maybe he is a germophobe.


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  • Maybe he's just nervous. Does he know that you like him more than a friend? Why don't you try kissing him first? ;)


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  • What do you mean other things ? You mean more serious further, just skipping kissing entirely ?

    • ya skipping kissing...he will kind of kiss my neck. We haven't gone as far as oral or actual sex, if you get my drift.

    • Yeah, I get it. Things aren't always as they seem. But it seems to me that he's using you. Whatever the reason is that he's not kissing you, it's not good. I've had a boyfriend who never kissed me (only peck on the lips) but wanted to have sex. Skip kissing entirely. Never understood it.

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