I have a hard time being straightforward when guys ask me out?

Whenever a guy I'm not interested in asks me out I can never tell them I'm not interested... I usually end up going with it, and then a few days later I'll make up some sort of excuse to get out of the date. I'm just so afraid of sounding bitchy and saying "I don't like you" but I realize what I end up doing is actually more bitchy than just being straightforward and saying no in the first place.

What should I do? Should I just cut the crap next time and say I'm not interested straight out? Guys, would your feelings be hurt if a girl rejected you right off the bat or do you prefer it to being led on a little? I really hate leading guys on but it just keeps happening again and again and I can't stop :(


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  • Cut the crap and be upfront. I'd much rather a girl tell me she is not interested from interaction one than to waste my time and money to tell me the same thing on date number four. Think of it in reverse if guys you found attractive were doing this to you. I understand you don't want to hurt any feelings but you're better off making your feelings clear from the get go.

  • The truth will sting no matter what, but being led on first before hearing the truth stings much worse. Best to let them know immediately, or very soon afterwards.


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