Does he really mean it when he says he will take me out?

So me and a guy have been flirting texting for 5months, he has not asked me out yet because he said he has been really busy these past 2months.

I am on a 6week vacation and he said he will have time and take me out on a date. We know each other from before but have not seen each other for a couple of yrs, only through pictures.

By the way he told me once, I can't wait to have you in my arms by summer time and always mentioned that in the summer I'll see and to wait for him. When I ask if he is interested he says yea 100%. But I don't know if to take his word, could he be interested in another girl? Help please.

*he said he will take me out after my vacation.


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  • Hmm I think that strange for a guy to text you for five months and haven't ask you out on a date yet. I don't care how busy the guy is but if he really like you like he said he would always going to find time to take you out. If he delayed mean he is talking to another girl or probably taking another out too. My Ex did that to me and to come find out he lied to me he was talking to another girl. He told me he is going to be very busy prepare for his deployment which he was but same time he was talking to another girl. I found out because he accidentally texts me her texts all the time.

    • Mmmi totally understand that, and that is how I feel, I think he does like another girl and has me on the side. But what do you think I should do if he texts or asks me out when my vacations are over?

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    • Sorry I couldn't redo my comment. Sure why not If he ask you out just go out and have fun. There are nothing more fun then catching up with old friend. But don't put too much hope on that either.

    • That makes sense :) thank you

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  • I would have to say that he is interested in another girl or is with another girl and I just keeping you on the back burner just in case that should fail then he always has you. If he hasn't asked you out yet more than likely he won't that is unless if he is in a relationship and is waiting for his girlfriend you go out of town or go out with the girls...

    • I felt like a side girl so I constantly tell him that he better not play me. He is single, we live in the same area, have him on Facebook, I think he likes another girl, but I don't know what to tell him now =\

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  • he's interested and just wait your first date:)

    • Thanks, il be patient and see what happens.