What's the best thing to do with an online relationship?

So I met this guy online and unfortunately we're in different countries. I feel like I really like him a lot and it will be 5 months since we started talking. I am still studying College and planning to move in his country to work as soon as I finished studying but the problem is it seems like he's having a hard time dealing with our distance and always think that this is not real and he needs to wait for me for 3 years to finished my studies. And we've been fighting a lot lately because I get jealous over simple things and he always wanna end it but he still wants us to be friends and talk everyday. We decided to stay as friends and planned to end everything but we always get back together.


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  • He either wants to date multiple women which is normal at that age or he wants someone more present. I understand you like this guy a lot but what's stopping you from liking a guy at your college that you can see? Maybe try that out for a while and if it works out with the long distance guy at some point when you have the means to see him then it does.

    • I don't know why I don't like anyone close to me. I just always think that he's just the one that I like. :( I don't really know what to do anymore. I want him to be just my friend because that's the only way I know that we can at least keep our communication so when we had the chance to see each other it'll still be good between us but I just can't accept the fact that when we just became friends, he'll tell me about girls and that will kill me inside and just have to pretend that I'm okay.

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  • This is a very serious problem for you, and for tens of thousands of men and women especially.

    Believe it or not, you never really know someone you only meet and talk to over the Internet.

    I guarantee it will be different if you meet him and talk to him face to face. It might be OK, but it will be different.

    Don't you think you'll meet other guys in person? Are you afraid you won't? That may be the ral question here.

    Besides, why should YOU move to HIS country? Why doesn't HE move HERE?

    No, I don't think it's a good idea at all. I won't tell you what to do, though. You have to decide for yourself.

    • It seems like I don't like

      any guy that is close to me as of this moment and the problem with our distance it is 5809 miles away and it seems impossible for us to meet ecah other now because I'm still studying and so does he.

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  • Just being friend with him is a good idea. If you and him are meant to be fate will make this workout.

    • If fate will make it workout couldn't you say staying in a relationship is influencing how fate will workout inherently. Throwing your hands up in and air and saying it will workout somehow seems like an excuse to not try--not that she should try. I just like accountability! Make a rational decision based on what makes sense to you rather than rely on fate.

    • Well she never meet the guy so what is wrong with her continuing talking to him as friend? Maybe later in life he wants to meet her and they instantly connect. What would you say about that? I mean you don't know the future and what's going to happen. Now granted if he is still going to contact like he said. I am still friend with my ex and we been broken up for two years. He calls me text and email me and still care about what I do and same as I.