Why didn't he ask me any questions on our date?

I met this guy at a mutual friends party- we talked for about 15 minutes. I'm 19 and he is 23.

several months later he asked me if I wanted to go hiking with him and his buddies...which we rescheduled into a one on one date. the whole time he was a total gentleman: holding doors open, paying for dinner, walking me home, trying no funny business etc. except even though HE ASKED ME out he rarely initiated conversation or asked questions about me. I was always the one asking him about himself and keeping the conversation smooth. he also never reciprocated my flirting or teasing (I'm a very fun and silly girl).

to me, I felt like this was an indication that he wasn't interested. but he keeps in touch and has already asked me out on another date.

So why didn't he ever reciprocate with the questions or flirt with me? Is it because he's older?


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  • He probably isn't a very talkative person. I think girls tend to talk more than guys on average. He likes you if he asked you out again. Maybe he's shy and will open up more in time. Or like I said he may just be a quiet person.

  • I think its because he's boring lol


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