Guys "owing" relationships

Do guys really think they "own" the relationship or control it? I've seen a few questions on here in which guys ask how to go about making contact with a girl they like but aren't sure if she likes them back and the advice they are given is "it doesn't matter if she likes you or not." Am I understanding this wrong? Last I checked, just because a guy wants a relationship with a girl does not mean it automatically happens...

Also, what's this nonsense about guys thinking other guys are going to steal their girlfriends? If their girlfriend leaves them for another guy, wasn't that the girl's actions?

I'm trying to understand guys really think that girls aren't just as much a part of the relationship as they are? Or are some guys just idiots?

^^Sorry if that seemed biased. I'm quite fed up with hearing (and seeing) guys talk like this.


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  • As others said, you misunderstood.

    They are saying you don't need to magically read her mind and know she wants to go out with you before you ask. That's what the asking is for. She can say yes, or no, and life goes on either way.


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  • We're supposed to be the dominant ones in the relationship.

    It doesn't matter if she likes you or bit because there are plenty of other chicks out there.

    Why would it be okay for someone to dump you for someone else. Would you like it if I dumped you because I met someone new?

    Girls are a part of the relationship yes.

    The guys that are idiots are the ones that give women too much power in the relationship.

  • Some guys do just as some girls do. I don't think this is the case for most.

    For the first part, I'm pretty sure they mean to just stop worrying about it and ask her out. If they are worried about a girl liking them, they'll over analyze and may not ever approach.

    I agree with the other part. You have to worry about both.

  • "Am I understanding this wrong? Last I checked, just because a guy wants a relationship with a girl does not mean it automatically happens."

    You are indeed understanding this wrong.

    Whether or not the guy should approach the girl... that *decision*... should have nothing to do with whether she likes him or not.

    Of course that doesn't mean the relationship would happen without her consent or that it automatically happens.

    She still gets to reject the guy, if she wants to reject the guy.

    I think it's messed up that you insult guys in your question, when the person who was clearly confused by basic English, was you.

    • I didn't intend to insult. Although I see how it comes off that way. I'm repeating it, word for word, how I've heard other guys say it. So their phrasing is what's confusing.

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