Not sure if progressing things is supposed to be natural or conscious

I'm good at getting a girl interested, but it never becomes anything beyond that. I see guys I know and they've had girlfriends, while I haven't and apparently the reason is because I don't make a move soon enough.

So this "move"...what is it supposed to be? A kiss? Asking her out? The problem is I'm not that successful asking girls out on a straight date, but then if I don't then they just take it as friendly hanging out, so then I get nowhere. A kiss? Well, if it's that, is it supposed to be organic and natural or do I have to construct it and just go for it consciously?


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  • I feel like every guy I like has that problem (okay, or they don't like me but I refuse to acknowledge that option lol).

    After typing several answers that were overly complicated, this is turning out to be a lot harder to explain than I thought lol. Just spend time together, make an effort to talk to her, and break the touch barrier/eventually kiss her and she'll know you're interested and that keeps you from the friendzone and gives you some time before you have to be overt. But eventually you do have to ask her to be your girlfriend or be fb official or be exclusive or just introduce her as your girlfriend and see how she reacts.

  • Personally, I would want a guy to show me he wants me.


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