Are guys who comment on girls when they pass by worth a try?

in the past I've always ignored guys who commented along the lines of "hey beautiful" but lately I've noticed that some of them seem quite cool.

is it a bad idea to "react" and get into a conversation with them? do you think no respectful/ decent guy comments on girls like that? is there a chance that they are not just looking to get physical?

so if they comment it means they are interested in me? do you think it's always only sexual?


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  • You should be able to tell when its just another whistle and holler by a construction worker or a true expression of a refined and cultivated gentleman.

    The signs you should be looking for are:

    1. His tonality; is it rough and uncouth or benevolent and self-assured like a true compliment should be.

    2. His look; does he have that gentle gaze that gives you a certain reassurance or does his look bring forth odium.

    These are things that you might want to consider if your planning to be heedful of whistle-stops comments that pass your way.

    • thanks, this was helpful!

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  • I've had friend's do that, and they've had success. I'm not gutsy enough for it in any sense. In the mall was the best place. One friend made a comment to a girl and started up a conversation. He said "hey baby how you doing? Looking really good today!" He was smiling and genuine when he said that too. Talked for a little while then he asked for her number. They ended up dating. My friend is a decent guy too, just assertive with females.

    Of course he wanted sex and was checking her ass out beforehand talking about how he'd like to tap that. However he didn't push for that with her when they met again and is generally reserved in general. He was actually nervous calling her up and wanted to make a good impression.

    I'd say take it case by case and make an assessment. I understand it sounds blunt and forward but I wouldn't automatically assume all guys who make those kind of comments are douchbags. Young horny guys with raging sex drives notice very attractive females and it can often be difficult for many NOT to make little comments like that.

    • i actually like that. gives me some hope :) I just thought it's ridiculous, I tend to complain about not meeting cool guys outside of clubs but recently I realized that I'd meet a lot of cool guys if I actually talked to those "comment guys"

    • Yes and while I understand it can be annoyed and irritated by that approach, so often that's how a lot of the guys who ARE interested in you would do. It's also important to remember that most if not ALL of these guys want sex and would jump at the opportunity to have it if offered. Especially in a bar or a club, I see it happening all the time. Consider the environment and the situation in which you were approached. The more genuine guys will not be the pushy or cocky ones.

  • Most of the time yes, but not necessarily all the time. I would say 80-90%. The main reason for this though is simple. Typically the same guys who are willing to perform such behavior, are also typically the type of guys who aren't really as interested in a serious relationship as much as they are just sex.

  • decent guys don't do that. If you want to get involved with a guy who is going to walk past you and make some comment like that, 9/10 he's going to turn out to be a douche bag.

    • i feared you'd say that...its not that I want a guy who does it, but sometimes the guy who does it is not bad lol

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    • lol I love the way you put that!

      i would try but I guess I'm too young to appreciate shy and 200% nice guys...

    • Some guys are just over the top nice and really just are totally inept when it comes to women and socializing. But if an averagely suave guy makes a move on you and you aren't completely repulsed by him, I would urge you to at least give him a chance and see how things go. The best relationship I've ever had as well as my first and only true love, was with a girl I almost didn't date because I wasn't that attracted to her early on, but I gave her and our love a chance to blossom.

  • Dont REACT at all...just remember looking cool doesn't MAKE that guy a cool...

    If you wanna do something then a descent guy around and approach to him (obviously if YOU WANT)...rather than getting involved due to FALSE ALARMS...!

    • so you think they're all bad?

      p.s. I don't really approach guys...i've tried it once in the past and I hated it. I never knew whether he was really that interested or just playing along. it's like I keep thinking he doesn't like me as much as other guys who DO approach me. like I didn't even catch his attention and I'm not really what he's looking for. so no, I won't do that

    • as I said approach if you Want...and not all guys are bad..its just like good guys can Flirt too..I just wanted to tell you that appearance may deceive us...!

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  • NO they're not worth because they say the same and do the same with all the girls that pass by do I don't think they really like you so they're not worth it.

    • yea I understand that but still...they are way more attactive in a way than those shy guys who don't even dare to hold my gaze when I catch them watcing.

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