Guys, what contradictions have you seen between what females SAY they want and what they RESPOND to?

whether you're a guy or a girl, please give examples (using yourself if you so choose) of these contractions... we can resolve this female dating/relations phenomenon. 8-)


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  • Women SAY that they want equality, but the minute you send them a text that says "change your own damn flat tire. I'm playing Call of Duty" they tend to get really really peeved.

    • Bullsh*t. I know plenty of women who do that themselves. You know the wrong kind of women I'm afraid! :P

    • encoder is right. There are only 3 reasons a woman wouldn't call a guy in a situation like that.

      1. She is actually a mechanic herself.

      2. She has a huge chip on her shoulder and something to prove.

      3. She just doesn't know any guys that are worth a damn. (probably because she chased away every decent guy in her life, lol)

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  • Lol you guys are idiots. You don't get squat. '

    I can tell you one that about guys. (I know you don't care but I'm getting it out there anyway)

    You say you like girls with no make-up, au-naturale... RIGHT. you don't respond to it. You respond to some bimbo with cake layers on her face and webs on her eyelashes.

    I use just enough make-up to cover up my acne scars, put a little color in me (otherwise I look dead.. so I've been told x) ) and simply feel pretty. And I feel fine with it. 3) Apparently if I go a week without make up I look tired or sick or dead. So bwah.

    • I actually don't pay attention to it. The more slutty they look *as described with cake layers* , the easier guys think they are. The more attention they get. IF that is the kind of attention you want, be my guest.

    • sluttier*

      And no, I don't want that attention. But you guys go back completely on what you said. You say au-naturale, and then you go for the cake-layered bimbos cause she's easy. Are you kidding me?

      And GOD do you complain and whine about the friendzone.

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  • Girls describe the behavior that coming from someone they find attractive, would make them happy.

    These behaviors often make the guy seem desperate, but desperation in a partner who is high status and attractive and she wants makes her feel amazing

    Most guys early on problem is not how to make her 'happy', but how to attract her in the first place (in fact for most of us, continuing to generate attraction is a bigger issue).

    So... that's the problem.

  • Coming into a relationship, she says:

    "I value honesty above everything else. People in relationships should be honest 100% of the time."

    Later on she asks:

    "Does this dress make me look fat?"

    Men SHOULD NOT answer with

    "It's not the dress that makes you look fat."

    even if it's true, in spite of what she said earlier in the relationship.

  • Wanting a nice guy who listen and cares then dating nothing but douchebags that could care less about them but that's an obvious one

  • Everything. Resolve how the female mind works.. good luck. You have a better chance at changing liberal or conservative politics. What they say they want, and what they want now, are never going to be the same. Half the time they don't seem to know what they want. for instance

    many claim to want to be 'individuals' but then they go looking for a guy to buy them dinner,and take care of them? Seriously, annoying. If you want to be your own person,and an individual, pay for your own food/drinks etc.