Met a guy online and we Skyped for the first time. After that, he seems different?

We talked for a few days online, and he had only seen my photos. Then, we Skyped for the first time and I thought it went super well. We were on for like 2 hours. He told me over video that I was really cute and had really pretty eyes, and that he would like to see me in real life. Before this, he would call me "babe" and "cutie" online. Now, he doesn't do any of that. He calls me by my first name, and now all of a sudden his grammar has improved. He texts me a little less, just not as much communication as before the Skype session, but he still makes a point to initiate conversation with me. I don't know, it's like he seems timid.

What happened? :( I really liked him and had a good time.


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  • Perhaps he just dosn't want to get your hopes up into developing the friendship into something more.

    • Ah, whatever. I blocked him. I think he categorized me as "booty call for later".

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