Do you think this will turn into something guys?

SO last night I hooked up with this guy, he's 5 years older than me and we've been flirting for a long time and last night I was walking by him with some friends and my friends said he was giving me these like looks, then I felt him grab my thigh and my friends started freaking out. Like 10 minutes later I texted him saying "Hey do you wanna hang out :))" he immediately texted back and said "Yes come now please" I said "Where are u?" I turned the corner to find him sitting there looking for me :) I stood by him but someone else came to talk to me so I just talked to her for while. About 5 minutes later I get a text from him "Can we go somewhere alone please" I turned around to him and said sure we walked downstairs and went into a dark room and he sat down on a table, I stood about a foot or two away from him leaning on a shelf. He told me, "Come here" I said "Noooo" and said 'Yesss, come here" I was slipping off of the shelf so I scooted up, before I knew it he had grabbed me and load me on top of him... Well you know where things went from there, we didn't sleep together just made out hahah. He kept telling me how pretty I was and he kept kissing me cheek, I was really nervous to be with him Because I was afraid someone we knew might walk in on us.. I was just nervous.. Well we ended up kissing each other goodbye and texting all that night.. DO you think this will go anywhere, there's a lot of chemistry between us, or was this just a random hookup?


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  • if a guy was fine with just kissing you when he got you all to himself in a dark room, he definitely like s you. And not as a booty call. Don't text him too much, but react friendly and sweet when he wants to approach you. He's definitely gonna come back for more and more


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  • It has potential.

    If every time he sees you he initiates "hooking up" with you then you know what his intentions are.

    If you are okay with being a friends with benefits, then continue your relationship (with his advances).

    If not, let him know that you are not okay with being just a hook up and you want something serious.

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