Guys, if you're seeing/dating a girl and she's all sweet and then after a while she becomes colder with you,

BUT STILL nice... do you keep texting her everyday? It came to a point that it's been a week that he's the one making the first move everyday messaging me... If he doesn't contact me, we don't talk.

After I changed my behavior , he said I love you for the 1st time, and then said it more 2 times... guess he's afraid of losing me?

P.S: I CHANGED my behavior because he KINDA messed up. Nothing serious but thought he didn't deserve all my attention.

So what are your thoughts?


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  • Funny how when you play games you get what you want.

    • AGREED.

      haha we say in Brazil that sometimes you can only get someone's attention when you give them less attention.

      Let's be honest, the thing is that way because he asked for it. A consequence of his own behavior .

    • Well its justified I think.

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  • If she got colder with me, I'd think something is wrong. Never hearing from her first would also indicate a small lack of interest/effort on her part.

    So for those situations, yeah I would keep texting her, at least because I'm trying to figure her out. Hopefully this isn't some game where the girl is trying to test the guy's reaction.

  • This guy needs a new girl. The mind game your playing is awful. Absolutely awful and he doesn't deserve it

    • this relationship will never work out if you "punish" each other for messing up instead of talking about. Sure its OK to be mad at him but by playing games and saying he "doesn't deserve your attention" you are proving that you are not ready to take this relationship further and that it'll never work out.

  • love is a 2 way need to call him every so often. starving a man only makes him more hungry if you get my as a man I can tell you I hate when my women plays the "if you don't call me we don't talk" game it pisses me off...we like hearing from you just as much as you like hearing from us. in a relationship a real one it's all or nothing there is no in between. being colder to him his prob thinking you're playing hard to get! real shorty...stop playing games and be in it...all or nothing.

  • texting is a girlie thing to do. if a girl expects me to text her, I get turned off. the fact he feels the need to tell you he loves you proves he is desperate.

  • In what sense he asked for it? What did he do to 'mess' it up? "Nothing serious but thought he didn't deserve all my attention." You sound a bit like a spoilt little princess to me.

  • I think you should move on..I would say I was bothering her and I need to not harrass her


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