First date - what's he thinking?

So, I went on my first date ever with this guy yesterday. I met him online and things went pretty well. Although I was a bit quiet an shy, lol but he talks a lot so I guess it wasn't too bad. We caught the train back together and he got off at his stop, kissed me on the cheek an told me to text him. He ended up texting me first though saying it was great.. We talked last night and texted me good morning this morning.. So this is a good sign yeah? Cos if he wasn't interested he wouldn't text me and stuff? Unless its normal for guys to even when they aren't interested? But we haven't planned or mentioned going out again.. Is this normal too? Lol sorry if I sound silly, just so new to this!


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  • It appears to me that everything is running smoothly. Give him time to arrange the next date with you though.

  • Seems normal and I think he had just as good of a time with you.