Do guys normally careless about texts?

That's even if they like a girl too?

I guess I'm kind of like that too. A text is a text in my though; kind of like an e-mail. You can always get back to them later.


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  • Men don't multitask well (this is something so many women just don't understand, because women multitask very well), and if they get distracted or busy doing something else, returning a text, or even reading it, becomes a LOW priority. So, yes, you should NOT expect your guy to reply to you right away when you text him, or you'll be routinely disappointed.

    If it's that important, CALL HIM! Or even better, talk FACE TO FACE.

    • I never expect them to contact me right away. Girls don't understand that people have lives. I guess you could say that I'm more of an independant women with a better self-esteem than most girls. I'm saying most... I know there are a lot of girl who do have a good self-esteem and don't always rely on their guy. I get bitched at from women about my lack of neediness then, ha

    • But thanks!

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  • Yeah... I don't text. It's too impersonal and cold. Plus it lacks so much. It's like how do you even know that person is even there? How do you know they ever check it. At least with a phone call you can tell they heard you, and they can answer you then and there.

  • "Do guys normally care less about texts?"

    I'm assuming that's what you're asking?

    If so... yes. If a woman texts the words "F*** YOU ASSHOLE!" it means a lot less than her calling and saying it... not that I would know ;)

  • Yeah we're pretty chill about them, but that doesn't mean leave us hanging! Take your time just don't forget about us and we'll be happy!

  • nope I like my texts to be responded to asap because it takes less than a min to respond to a text. I always get back to people within 10 min of receiving a text, only takes longer if I'm really busy


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