Do I have to ask him?

I went for a date with this guy for the first time yesterday (also first time I met him) .. It went really well and we're still talking heaps and we like each other. But we haven't made plans to meet up again yet.. Should I be asking - or too soon? Or is it okay to wait it out, and see what happens? What do people usually do, after the first date? If they're interested? :)


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  • WELL, if he likes you, and if you gave enough signals that you liked him, he WILL organize another date. If you're really desperate to organize something maybe text and say "Hey, thanks for the fun yesterday, be nice to meet up again sometime :)"

    or something like that


What Girls Said 1

  • don't worry,now that you like each other,he will make plans for the next date.

    just wait a while:)

    but if you can't wait to see him you can also ask him out:)

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