Internet dating..?

Im currently dating this guy over the internet,& he's the best,

I love him heaps,but people say we won't last, and most likely won't meet just because our relationship is online based. Opinions pl0x people ? :/


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  • lol it won't last. All it is, is an internet fling. Don't send naked pics of your body and face. Don't send him money. Don't give him any personal info, like last name, address, city, school, anything like that. And don't expect anything. Girls, and guys for that matter, get into these all the time, and they think something will happen, but it won't. It's fun to have a friendship, but that's all it is.

    • :/ I don't know cause my mates brother met this girl online & they met & they now live together & are very happy. =S

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    • Well #1 the fact that I'm loud makes me loud. I'm not sure, I'm quite a happy person sometimes, so I get really excited and yeah :/ & I talk really loud but I can't help that, it's just the way I am. & I'm annoying because sometimes it's fun to annoy people (: & I'm good at it too, except I annoy people without trying :|

    • Haha I like to annoy people sometimes too. I used to do it too much, but I had to tone it down some. Gotta be all mature and stuff.

  • learn to spell currently

    • She's from New Zealand, she's 16. I'm sure she did it either on purpose, or it's a NZ thing.

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    • Why from the cup of get a life? I'd much prefer the one with Captain and some Coke, thanks.

    • LOL... The cup of get a life is an awesome cup D: I drunk from it once, & now I have a life =\ Amazing =D

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