How outgoing girls express their interest into guys?

Hi girls.

How an outgoing girl would express her interest to a guy in real world and in social networks (e.g. fb). How that guy could figure it out among her flirty behavior toward other guys?


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  • If we make the assumption that the outgoing girl is confident, then I would say she probably wouldn't be afraid to talk to you and make efforts to be around or touch you a lot. As for Facebook I'd say the same, unless you're friends already she'll probably try to talk to you (even if you don't expect her to) or be very responsive whenever you talk to her. I feel like these are quite general, not sure if you can denote interest from these things alone, (friends can behave this way to).

    You said the girl is quite flirty with other guys too? I would say that you can only really tell if you make a move and she responds positively

    • Wow thanks for BA

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  • Me personally? Something like this-

    "Hey Mark, how are you?"

    "Pretty good, you?"

    "Pretty good myself, are you busy tonight?"

    (Insert his answer here)

    "Oh, that's okay, well here's my number-" hand him my number "-call me if you're free sometime, I'd like to get to know you better"


    "Great, would you be interested in hanging out? I'd like to get to know you better."


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