How can I get this girl whom I have had 4 dates to go to bed with me?

I have been dating this girl for last 5 weeks. We talk and have been out on 4 dates. I am sending (my guess) all the right signals but she is not ready to take the hint to go to bed with me.

Is she not interested? Why is she doing it? Is she frigid? Should I directly ask her?

What else can I do?

We both are in late 20s...


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  • Have you been in a position yet where you could actually have taken your clothes off together? Just go slowly I guess, put some moves on her. My fiance' made all the first moves. First kiss, end of first date. First time sleeping together, we'd been dating for 2 months. He made the moves on me about three or four times, each time I'd stop him when he got to the zipper on my pants. When I'd stop him, he was fine with it, we'd just lay and cuddle and think about how turned on we were lol. He just kept being persistent til one night, I didn't stop him when he tried to take them off ;o)


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  • Have you kissed her yet? If so just get off with her and start touching her until she gets horny then you'll find out the answer, if she's willing to f*** you then she wants it but just didn't want to make the first move, if she pulls away then ask her why then she'll tell you whether she's not ready of whether she's just not interested, if she isn't ready then there's nothing you can do but to respect her feelings and wait, if you try to push her to do something she's not ready to then you'll only drive her away.

  • She isn't ready for the d***. Its only been 4 dates.she might think of you as boyfriend material..not hit and.quit type. You need to sway her into believing all you want is to get into her guts..that way she lets you know what's up.

  • Maybe she is not ready yet! And if you really like this girl, you should wait until she is ready.

    • whats d way to know if she is ready..?

    • When you try to go further, and she doesn't stop you I guess. You should ask her though! "Do you want to?"

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