Girl asks me to hang out but doesn't show up, what does it mean?

This girl has been up and down the whole semester. I first started talking to her cause I saw her constantly looking at me. Since that time, we've had a few short conversations. The aggravating thing is we'll be having a conversation one day and the next day I'll be minding my own business and when I look around I'll see her looking at me, but when we make eye contact she turns her head away really fast. Then she'll walk past me with a smile but she'll pretend to not see me. This has been happening all semester! I have no idea what she's doin. I already asked her to coffee shortly after I got her name but she rejected me. But two months later she told me I should go to a club meeting with her that day. I told her maybe but didn't end up going. For the next two days I would see her constantly glancing at me but when she walks past me she'll pretend not to see me. On the third day I rescheduled with her to go to her club meeting and she said she would be there. When I showed up, she wasn't there! I'm so tired of this. What is she thinking?!


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  • It's called the chase and you're chasing her. Step back and let her do the chasing now. If she really is into you, she'll chase after you. But if not? Move on she ain't worth your time.

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