Why do guys kiss girls on the lips if it doesn't mean anything?

There is this guy I like and we are in the class in university and he has kissed me twice: first when it was the first time I went around his house and the second time when it was me, my best friend and her friend, and him and we were drinking, and when we were ordering pizza he goes ahead and kisses me. I thought it meant something because it did to me,and when I asked him right now, when you kissed me that night, was the beer kissing me or you? And he said that you might have read too much into it I am sorry for that. And I don't understand at all why do guys do such thing if they don't like you?


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  • Idk... maybe he just felt like kissing you, that's it. You should ask him if he likes you.

    • i have tried to ask him, twice and he says that he won't answer that, but he is just giving me mixed signals!

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  • yea...i hate when guys do that. I had that exp. too in university. I understand my story...don't know about you.

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