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I texted the guy I like "when are you free this week?" we usually text every few days and hang out once a week. anyway, it seems we couldn't get together last week. anyway, if he does not respond to me by tonight, should I send him a remark like "oh, guess ill take that as you blowing me off, you could have been honest" or just email him (calling may not work out). i wanna show him that I am on to his game. so what should I say or do?


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  • Text but don't go for any ''blew me off huh!?'' .. Just try the same text ''in meaning'' .. Just not too pushy or arrogant :) Games are usually useless ... That's why I try approaching the girl I like with honesty.

    • Yeah I'm so lost becasue he said were "seeing " each other yet I feel he's unavailable. he takes long to resond to me. he's real busy and ususally does respond within a day. anyway I feel we are drifting and rreallly wanna talk to him about how I feel I'm an on a string and its not fair! this guy does initiate wth me mostly but has slowed down a bit. I dot know if he's genuainely busy or pilitely turnung me down . since I can't seem to see him face 2 face what's my option to tell him how I feel?

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    • I realy like him and need to get it off my chest even if he rejects me. how can I get him to respond or be interested to see me face to face. maybe say "i wanna ask you something, lets meet up or something mysterious that gets him wondering?

    • Could we meet and talk :))

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