Girls: Can you help me decide what old junk and clutter to get rid of before heading back out to the dating scene?

I'm super nostalgic and have a really hard time letting go of old collections and stuff I no longer use. I'm trying to clean up my life and get rid of some old junk before looking for a new relationship. I've decided to ask the girls on this site to decide what I get rid of and what I keep. I'm having a bonfire this afternoon and anything that gets more "burn" than "keep" votes will go on the bonfire no questions asked. Please don't tell me to sell or donate any of this stuff. Burning this stuff is fast and immediate and the only way I think I can rid of it. Just write the number and either "keep" or "burn". Thanks this is a huge help.

Some things from my past heavy metal days

1: A bunch of old 80's vinyls

2: Ticket stubs from Metal concerts

3: T-shirts from metal concerts

4: My electric guitar that I no longer play

5: Metal guitar lesson DVDs and books

Some toys from when I was young:

6: A bunch of matchbox cars from the 80's

7: Masters of the Universe Action figures

8: Some unknown little green ghost action figure that was my favorite toy as a kid

Some things I collected over the years:

9: Baseball card collection

10: Comic book collection

11: Magic The Gathering Card Collection


12: A box of photos from my childhood I haven't looked though in years

13: A few autographed baseballs

Ok so I have two girls saying keep everything and 2 girls with an exact same list of what to burn and what to keep! I need more answers to break the tie and find out if I'm having a bonfire this afternoon or
Please don't just say "keep it all" I need to get rid of some of this stuff. I don't want to end up on hoarders

I'll take votes up until tomorrow (Sunday) night. (We postponed the bonfire until then!)


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  • 1. burn

    2. keep, they're memoriable (:

    3. if they still fit, keep. If not, burn.

    4. burn

    5. burn

    6. burn

    7. burn

    8. keep

    9. keep - that could be worth something 20 years down the road :P

    10. keep; " "

    11. Burn.

    12. keep (: You'll probably want to look through that when you're older

    13.. Keep

    • I was going to say literally the exact same thing haha

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    • No problem, I've got the same problem lol so I thought it'd be good to help (:

    • Well I appreciate it. If you send me a friend request I will accept. I might need moral support when its time for the

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  • Keep the things that are still useful, and a handful of the items that mean the most to you. I used all of my old tshirts from High School and made a quilt out of them, it was a great way to keep them and have it be a useful item, instead of just a box of old shirts I don't wear anymore. I as well collect shirts from the concerts I go to and when those are all worn I'm going to have a rock show quilt, it's going to be KILLER! I'd have to keep the albums if I were you, but I'm a music nut and have a record player. I guess I would be thinking in terms of useful space if I were you. Getting rid of the larger items and keeping the small. I would also have to keep a few fav comics (or maybe all depending on the collection), the guitar, the photographs (those can't be replaced) as well as the favorite toy. I still have my fav stuffed animal from when I was little. I hope I can give it to my child if/when they arrive in this world. Hope that helped :)

  • Keep it all. It's interesting stuff and maybe you'll find a girl who is really interested in that stuff then it gives you something to bond over. If you get rid of it, it would represent it just being a fad not anything that meant something to you. You obviously find it important if you've kept it this long so just save it all.

  • I know you're not looking for an answer like this, but I don't get why you have to spring clean to get into a relationship?

    Can't you just store it in your parent's attic or something? That stuff might be worth much more in the future.

  • I'd keep everything. It's cool to have stuff from your past.

  • Keep all but 11... Bad ex-boyfriend flashbacks

  • Don't burn anything


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