Do believe how they act in person or online?

I have a friend whose stories I'm not sure what to believe. When I talk to certain people that are close to him I get one story. However, the stuff he posts online is completely opposite of what he says to me and others. It's like he has a split personality. For example, he told us all that he broke up with his girlfriend and was happy about moving on...but online its seems so devastated and wanting her back because it seems she broke up with him. What do I believe in this case?


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  • Believe that you can't believe this guy 100%. If you're really curious, ask him about it. Usually you can see from the way he answers and the answer itself if it's true or BS.

  • he is obviously a lyin ass bitch.

    • Im kinda feeling the same way. He is acting one way and then telling his family something else to make himself seem a certain way.

    • yeah he's just hella hella insecure and needs to lie cause he doesn't like the real him.

      i'd stay away from him if I were you.

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