Was this really rude of him? Or am I over reacting?

We've been together a couple of months, Haven't seen him for a week and went over his tonight. After a few hours his friend text him asking him to go out so he turns to me and says 'ah they want me to go out later, that alright babe?' just assuming id say yes.

i did a bit of the guilt things saying 'ah its up to you, do what you want, I won't mind' blah blah blah

im not usually one for being like this but I thought it was a bit rude 'cos I Haven't seen him for a week and probably won't seem him properly again for another week, we're having a nice cuddle then just turns round and basically tells me what time I have to go home.

he says he feels bad, but what do you guys think?


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  • Not rude, he asked you didn't tell him the truth so anything goes here.

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