Whats the deal? Please help me.

Ok the guy I'm talking to has been busy throughout the week I understand. He has school, works, & all. He texts me a goodnight text usually really late around 1,2ish? I'm guessing when he is through with his homework and before bed. But OK last weekend I asked of he wanted to come over & he said he was out of town. (which I didn't believe at first but later did when I saw pictures posted from his football team.) OK after that weekend was the week I explained that he was in school. That was this past week. So on Friday I asked him if he wanted to go over that we would be watching the game & he said "you should've told me earlier" & well I blew it off say oh lol sorry then he replied asking what I had done all day yesterday and I told him then asked what he did, he told me he had class then he met up with his girl best friend.. It bothered me but I was like well it's a friend right but.. It got me worried.. Did he have to mention it to me? Is he doing it to see if I'd get jealous? Or is he trying to tell me he doesn't feel anything for me in a different way? I don't know oh & then after he randomly stopped texting back but he later sen me goodnight on my ace book messaging. After I posted a goodnight status. Isn't this a little wierd.?


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  • Typical jock attitude if you ask me. I wouldn't mention another woman if I was talking to someone I'm interested in. That's the wrong kind of "hard to get".

    • So why is he doing it? /:

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    • Well in that case then he may very well just not know what to do. God knows how difficult it's getting for younger people to communicate normally these days. Your relationship seems rather fresh so don't let it bother you too much. If he does it again, you really should let him know it's bothering you. He is inexperienced after all.

    • Yeah your right. Thanks so much :)

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