Girls: What Should I Do?

Day 1: Met an amazing girl, we hit it off really, really well. She gave me her number before I could even ask for it lol. I texted her a few hours later saying that it was really nice to meet her. No text back, but she was at work, and works a ton of hours so that's understandable.

Day 2: Called her, she answered the phone in front of a customer and said that she's with a customer and will call me back. that's nice lol, she could of let it go to voice mail but she picked it up to say she'll call back, which showed that she's still interested and not ignoring me.

Day 3 (Today): No call back yet. It seems like she was very interested, but she works a ton of hours. Should I just chill and wait for her to call back, should I call her again tonight? Maybe call her tomorrow?

I really, really don't want to come off as one of those annoying, pushy guys, but I'm really excited to take her out lol. I'm also paranoid that she will loose interest if we wait too long to set something up. What should I do?

Shit, two way different answers, I'm so confused lol


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  • I think you shoul call her again, at night this time. All the best!

    • Thanks Sissy, I'm going to call her later on tonight, wish me luck! Lol, thanks again!

    • Lol good luck hey...and some feedback would be nice lol:D

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  • I know this was 9 hours ago, so maybe my opinion might not make a difference now, but I think you should leave the contact up to her now. As you said, she's busy. She knows you're still interested after trying to contact her, so I think leaving her to contact you is the best way to go - and you won't be coming on as too full on.

  • Call her again and ask her out she may just be feeling like she was maybe rude to you by not being able to talk to you when you call and if she gave you her number before you had to ask she is definitely interested in you try calling out of business hours like 7pm she would be home from work sitting down to eat perfect time unless she works nights then do the opposite good luck...

  • i think you should text her. so you are not interrupting her and her work but she can still fit in time to talk with you.


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  • Do not call her again, at least for a week dude...

    • I think he should try calling her once more, maybe she is just franticly waiting for him to call her and actually get to talk with him before she calls him.