He said "i will call you sometime after the first date (lunch date) what does it mean?

so he was a real gentleman, took me to a nice restaurant...sorta casual, not expensive at all. We have known each other for a few months, but today was our official first "date" where he picked me up from my place, open my side of the car door, restaurant, paid for it, etc...

then he took me to a park, where we held hands and made out for quite a while, walked around, came back to my place...he walked me to my apartment and came in (without invitation) and said, he wanted to say a proper "bye"...well, to him, that meant another hour of passionate kissing, pushing me against the wall, more kissing...no inappropriate touching, just making out and an hour later, he finally said he was leaving. don't get me wrong, I liked the making out part too, but I just didn't expect so much of it on the first date...but I didn't let him know how I really felt...

anyway, while he walked me to my door and was leaving again, he said he will "call me sometime" what does that mean? by the way, he also told me that just like me, he wasn't into having sex on the first date either...he said he liked taking things slow...so why would he say "ill call you sometime"? I thought he had a good time, as did i..but what should I conclude from this?

oh by the way, I forgot to mention that just before he left, I made the stupid mistake of saying "i like you a lot...i mean a little"

do you think this may have freaked him out a little and that's why he said "sometime"
1 more update: before lunch date, he had INITIALLY proposed for me to go over his place to watch a movie, which I eventually made him confess that it was a pretext for othr stuff like makin out, not sex though. anyway, at the end of this lunch date (which he proposed when I said no to going over his place), I just sort of teased him...i said yeah sure then I will c you tonite...he laughed/ smiled and said no, not tonite.. do you think he lost interest & thts why he said "ill call you sometime"?


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  • it means he will call you...

    why do you assume it's negative?

    • because what the hell is "sometime"? that's uncertain...isnt it true that if a guy likes you, they are more definite...like ill call you sometime next week or sometime tomorrow, etc