Guy being more responsive when the girl contacts him first?

at the end of our time together he always tells me "call me/text me" (we are seeing each other but not boyfriend/girlfriend...we def like each other though)

i don't do it often, most days he contacts me first. occasionally I do text him though and when I do he is super responsive and gets frustrated if I even disappear for a half hour. he seems to text me more enthusiastically when I text him first, which isn't that often.

and he's always asking me if I miss him.

i guess he genuinely wants me to contact him? we've been going over a month now.

but I don't want to feel like I'm doing all the work and running after him. because I like him a LOT and I don't want to look like the clingy one.



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  • for us men(at least for guys like me), its always nice when the girl we like contacts us first.

    i f***in love it.

    • he seems to also, and he tells me that I "play tough" sometimes and I think he can't tell that I like him. but I'm just scared of contacting him too much, and coming off as clingy or he'll think "she's too attached" and view me as less desirable

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    • so you are saying that if he's constantly telling me to text him and seems happy when I do, it makes him happy and reassured to hear from me?

    • yeah. if he likes it, and you like it, then just keep doing it.

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