What should I do? I told him I don't date and he stopped talking to me...

Okay so there's this guy that used to go to our school but just moved this year and is coming back next year. He's older than me so I knew of him but he didn't know me or anything. But he's friends with a lot of the same guys I'm friends with. So we started talking on FB yesterday and then texted all day yesterday and mostly today. And I don't date, I'm too focused on school and grades to date. So get this...

Him: When can we hang out so this relationship can start? Lol

Me: We should hang out but I really don't date, ask anyone.

Him: Oh.

Me: Hah, will you still talk to me though? ):

And he didn't respond. I know he got it though. I feel really bad but I just don't date and I wanted to be straight up from the beginning as to not have an issue in the future.

We really clicked though and id still really like talking to him... But idk.

What should I do? We've only talked for two days but I kinda like this kid but I just don't date. I don't like the High School drama that goes along with it.

What should I do?


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  • Well you made your decision, he made his. He wanted a relationship, you didn't, end of story. The part where you tell him "hah, will you still talk to me though? ):"

    must have stung bad for him. Because not only you tell him you don't want a relationship with him, but then you laugh, and then somehow try to make him feel bad if he were to stop talking to you nonetheless, that's a big red flag for any guy.

    Not only you have no clue how you made him feel, but the only person you thought about was yourself because you like having his attention and him talking to you...


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  • You said it yourself. You don't date. Move on.

    He was trying to defuse the question with humor and you dead ended his hopes pretty quickly with a pretty serious response. His response was naturally to give up on you. He might still be your friend if he can get over how fast it happened but I wouldn't count on it.

    • Should I text him?

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    • Maybe if I flirted more? Would that make him feel more confident?

    • You've made your position clear on dating, Flirting with him now is the LAST thing you should do it would just seem like you're callously playing with his emotions and that would just make him dislike you because you'd be dangling the relationship he can't have in front of his nose.

  • Hey obviously likes you, and now that you pretty much rejected him he's avoiding you. it's normal. You're gonna have to just accept whatever decision he makes. but just know that its pretty much impossible for a guy and girl to be friends when one of them has romantic feelings while the other doesn't. If he gets over that then he might be your friends but I doubt it and think you should just move on.


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  • You should respect his decision whether or not he still wants to talk to you. It might hurt his feelings if the guy keeps on talking to you constantly & knows that building up a friendship isn't going to lead to a relationship any time soon. Give him space & I'm sure time will tell you the answer.