What's going on in her head?

Me and my ex girlfriend decided to be just friends and see where that went. Recently, she went to the hospital and I've been keeping her company over text for the past week. One day I told her that I wouldn't be talking to her all day because I have an old friend from Arizona. She simply said to not worry about her and have fun. The next day I couldn't text her first thing in the morning because of a big tournament I was entered in (other story). She then went off about not checking on her so that she could take her meds, which I didn't know about. And she was also mad about me "blowing her off" the day when I was with my friend from Arizona. She won't calm down no matter what I say. If anything, she's getting more angry.


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  • If she's in the hospital and on meds its probably not the most fun time she's ever had in her life. She's probably a little extra emotional and she may have got used to you being there and be getting more attached to you again. That can lead to fear and jealousy and a whole bunch of reasons she would freak about you not texting her. You didn't do anything wrong but in a state like that she might not realize she's being irrational. Just try to show her you are still there for her she'll calm down soon enough. Its almost definitely stemming from something deeper than just you not being there whether its just the stress of the situation or her wanting to get back together or something you might want to talk to her about it.


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