Surprise First Kiss Ideas?

So I've been going out with this guy for a while but neither of us have had our first kiss yet. I want to come up with some completely crazy way to surprise him, something fun. Something like running up the stairs and turning round a being like *bam.* does anyone have any fun crazy ways of doing surprising him?


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  • Hmm...I prefer going with the flow. My first kiss, I dropped her off at home and when she did the hug with her arms around my neck, after saying good night, we kissed. It wasn't too long of a kiss but afterward we realized what happened and well...kissed a lot more. Anyway, that's what worked for me. The surprising idea doesn't work on guys like me with cat-like reflexes. You'll just get hurt.

    • hhmm that's prob true but we've being going out for a while now and it just won't happen but we both really want it to happy happen. he reckons it'd be cute if he didn't know it was gonna happen so I know your all for going with the flow but do you have. any ideas

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    • Well then somewhere in the middle of your date would be a good idea, whatever you're doing. Beginning would be too abrupt and kind of expected while at the end is obviously expected. So whatever you're doing for your date, try to plan something during the middle of it.

    • thanks

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