I had my first "hangout date" today and...

she told me to text/call her, so we can "hangout" again.

its hard to tell if she actually likes me or not, cause she didn't do a lot of flirting only some

my question is, can you help me out here, I dk what to do next, since my first date was in a familiar environment is it ok to move it somewhere else for the second one? should I even ask her out again (ill tell you what she did, if you need to know)

btw, she told me she was a cheerleader as well as a flag-girl in high school, but that she wasnt your typical cheerleader as she went off and did her own thing...


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  • Well the last paragraph has nothing to do with anything. Cheerleaders aren't like different or anything, so that's probably un-needed information.

    Second, if SHE tells you to call/text her, and if you like her, THEN FUCKING DO IT! As far as I can tell, when a girl says that you should call/text her, it's cause she wants you to. Ex: A girl says if you get bored in class you can text her.

    So if you like her you should definitely call/text her.

    As per your question, I believe it is entirely acceptable to move to a new situation or environment, however, it should still be comfortable and familiar, nothing over the top.

    • Well for one I didn't think id have a shot with a former cheerleader, ya know?, that's why I pointed that out

      haha, I shall then

      i dk if I like her like her, but I know I like her

      so if it was a "school" hangout, is it possible to move it to "coffee" somewhere else?

    • Yeah sure, as long as she's cool with it. I understand the cheerleader thing now haha, but they let a lot of girls be cheerleaders, not just the hot pretty ones.

    • Well yeah, I mean of course its got to do with whether they have the skill or not, but the media makes it look like they have to be the "hot pretty ones"

  • If she was the one to suggest further contact, definitely follow up on it, that's a good sign. In addition, it's perfectly acceptable to move the next date to a different location. Someplace relaxing and comfortable would be a good bet - best of luck, sir.