How Many Guys Can A Girl Date/Flirt With Simultaneously?

Girls, to the best of your knowledge/experience, either yourself or girls you know, what's the highest number of guys that a girl can be simultaneously dating/flirting with/being chased by/sleeping with?


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  • After my ex and I broke up, I was talking to/flirting with 6 guys at once... never went out in public with any of them though.


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  • Not to scare you, but if she's a wildie, 3 is a start :]

    Source of info - girl next door :D

    • nope, that does not scare me at all because this 19 year old girl that I was flirting with, in the 40 days that I had known her, actually told me she was texting 6-7 guys, and as far as I know:

      went to dinner with one guy who tried to take her to bed

      went to cinema with one guy

      went out with an old classmate

      communicated with her ex

      slept with one guy she met at a club

      and went out 2 times with me

      and I don't even know if these guys are those same 6-7 guys, or if she had sex with all of them.

    • Meaning - if you want her - earn her. She is compensating what one lacks with the other one and so on. Think about all the things she may want, by just being yourself and talking OPENLY and TRUTHFULLY :) Women are a hard catch, as you know and if you like one, you should probably consider going all-in.