Which one to flirt with, they're both way younger?

Curvy, blond, sweet country girl,

Or petite, edgy rockabilly girl?

  • Blonde country
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  • Rockabilly red
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This was supposed to be linked as a reference question to another one I asked, which I believe ends in "they're both in the same class" (couldn't ask the same question...)

I wanted it to be separate, as a bonus vote section, but it looks like I may just have to pull it. I can tally the votes by hand. As of this writing, just based off the extremely short descriptions, 73% prefer blondie. Guys are almost split, and women are way more into going country, I guess. haha


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  • I picked A but I think the final decision that you made should be according to your own feelings if you have to choose only one. I think it is fine to flirt with more than one girl.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Second one.

  • How much younger?


What Guys Said 1

  • Why are you telling us basically only their appearances other than vague "sweet" and "edgy"? how are we supposed to suggest anything with such little info? And why ask us? Don't you feel strongly towards one over the other? Cause if not, then neither. If you can't, without a shadow of a doubt, choose one girl over another, then neither girl is gonna really be someone you end up with for any considerable amount of time anyways.

    • Yeah, okay take a deep breath and put down the Red Bull.

      I made this question up to link it to another because I don't like the format of the survey questions. People end up just voting, and this is actually supposed to be attached as a reference to a much more in depth question. I copied the number, and pasted it in, but that other question has no link to this one - the titles are practically the same, by the way to ans.

      It just didn't happen to work as a reference question the way I thought it would.

    • Ah, more info would have been nice. Still say if you can't, without a shadow of a doubt, choose one over the other, then don't bother with either.

    • I lean that way sometimes. Then one of them will do something that is adorable, or sexy, and I'm right back to thinking about it. I wish there were a f***load of 30 year old women in college, then I'd have no problems. haha

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