Would you girls be intimidated? If so, how do I change that?

I'm good looking, very athletic, musical, and I'm very bright with a picto memory ( like photographic but only for images ). I'm only 21 but I'm wealthy with nice cars and dress well. I'm extremely confident, my friends mom said I'm to confident. The thing is I'm not a player I would rather a sweet girl but they seem to be nervous around me. My ex told me she used to be very intimidated by me bef I asked her out. Would you girls be intimidated? If so how do I change that

Im not trying to show off to these girls my point is I never even get to talk to them bec theyre scared or nervous. My ex said I was intimidating BEFORE she knew after theyll realize I'm really not. I dnt care about money. I'm not egotistical. What my friends mom meant was if you're always confident you'll over look things and do things beyond your abilities. My point is girls who see me without speaking to me get intimidated. I'm not a shollow jerk to think money impresses ppl.


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  • Just a few questions to pose and maybe this will help? Do you dress flashy with designer clothes, a very expensive watch or jewelry while driving a luxury car we only see in magazines? Are you 'confident' or 'cocky' because there is a difference. If you dress flashy, then I'd recommend that you shy away from that. The car may be an issue if all of the vehicles in your home are luxury. Concerning your confidence, try not to boast about what you have and your abilities. You can smile, be outgoing and slowly let your personality come alive over time. I'd say the same for your wealth. When you meet a girl with potential, don't bring her to expensive or exclusive restaurants at the start. Keep things on the down low and build.

    When you do things in moderation and slowly then you won't be as intimidating to females. Guys like you can be intimidating. Why? Because, there is a tendency that a girl needs to have certain attributes or look a certain way. I know it's stereotypical but it's really true. I met some very wealthy guys at a kegger. As soon as they found out I didn't go to the same snobby ass college they did, they dismissed me. I didn't need that kind of treatment. My family isn't rich but we are all well educated and do well on our own.

    In addition, this might also guide you with discerning from females truly interested in you as a man and not your wallet. Be leery of those kind of girls. They will tell you whatever you want to hear, cry they need money or to go shopping, they will bleed you dry and then disappear.

    • Im not cocky, and I dnt wear jewelry, but I do wear designer names. The cars I drive aren't crazy average price is 65g. But I dnt try flashing wealth in ppls faces where I live the way I live is normal even subtle

    • Right...but remember...it's common where YOU live. If you are dating a girl who doesn't live in an affluent area then it can be intimidating. $65K for a car is expensive to me...The most I ever spent on a car was $45K. Nevertheless, it's good you aren't cocky, just do things slowly when you meet girls and build up. That's my advice.

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  • Basically you just mentioned a whole lot of, for the most part, superficial qualities. Looks, body build, money, clothes. The only thing you mentioned about your personality was your confidence. If your mom's friend says you're too confident what she really means is you come off conceited/cocky. NOT attractive. A sweet girls isn't looking for a fat wallet she's looking for a great guy (personality wise). So maybe try being humble, don't toot your own horn, no one really wants to listen to you talk about your cool car or money or clothes, ask questions about the girl and try to show off your positive personality qualities.

    • I never talk about my own stuff and money is s.t I grew up with its not a big deal where I come from, and I didn't talk about my personality bec they shy away bef I get to know them so they only see the outside stuff

    • Maybe it's just the whole package then, the way you dress, the car. You don't have to talk about your personality to show it off, just be kind/polite, and interested in what SHE has to say. Just always be careful to be humble, that is so important. As soon as you come across as vain, it's going to turn her off.

  • hmmmmmm, I think this would be a good question for someone who knows you in person. Honestly. Ya can't tell anything online. Personally, the only guys I get intimidated by are really big guys...like guys who are tall AND just...huge. lol.

    The guy that I"m talking to is very wealthy and owns several companies. He's also goodlooking and very intelligent. He makes me feel slow lol. I used to be super intimidated whenever he would want to talk but now not so much.

    I think the only thing you can do is just be really nice and funny. Try your best to show them that you're easy going. More than ever, you're going to have to make all the first moves but if you put in the effort, I'm sure you'll be able to get the girl.

    Maybe try to dress down and bit and don't flash your intelligence at every chance you get. But don't forget to be yourself. You want a girl who likes you for YOU, not some fake persona

  • The girls who aren't intimidated by you are the ones who have the most confidence, and as a result they are more aggressive and not so sweet! So the girls you would like to date are probably very intimidated by you! It's hard to change that, but if you like a girl you should go talk to her, be who you are, make her smile and she'll get over it :)

    hope it helped!


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  • If you actually were a big deal, you wouldn't be having this problem. Very bright? You have 3 grammatical errors in your title question alone. I'm willing to bet that your other quallities are lies, exagerrations, or you're just delusional.

    Are you approaching girls and getting turned down? Are you sitting around and waiting for girls to approach you (which would make you a p****)?

    When you're friend's mom said you were too confident she probably meant you act like a jackass. Get yourself together.

    • If it helps you sleep better think want you want, but you're way off base on everything.

    • LOL I'll be sleeping fine, thanks for your concern. Enjoy not being able to meet the girls you want to.

    • Thnks ;)

  • I agree with Rudy37lee. The ones worth having are either already taken or else hidden extremely well. And they want to know that you have the heart of a hero - AND can support them.

    A fat wallet but nothing personality-wise to back it up is just a superficial semblance of a healthy marriage destined to end in a black widow or black widower episode of some show on Investigation Discovery. That, or she'll grow tired of you and use a lawyer to sue half your value so she can support herself without you. And you'll have to use a lot of what's left to buy bodyguards to make up for all the friends you'll lose.

    Spare yourself that now. Look for someone who makes your heart ache for her just thinking about her. Use that as a way to focus on your internal qualities.

    The only women who don't care about your soul and only your money are gold diggers, bitches, and black widows. Try winning girls in places where they don't know you. And hide your wealth.

    Always live beneath your means.

    If she cannot love you when you are nothing; she cannot love you when you are rich.

  • Thanks for clarifying. Without a picture, I"m lost on what else to say. I get accused of being "intimidating" while being a gentleman. I've come to assume it's because it's hard for them to lie to me. I always catch on sooner or later, or can sometimes catch them in the middle of a lie. Apparently nobody wants to date The Sherlock.

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